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iQuote is a powerful software with a simple and intuitive interface, ideal for the design and preparation of quotations in the food and laundry services.

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Cloud Service - Delocalized Server

Makes projects anywhere

Would you like to prepare projects with your PC interactively browsing your catalogues wherever you are?

Open & Work rapidly

Modify in short time, print & share.

Tired of waiting for your PC to finish the job? All operations are optimized to guarantee high performance, from software load to the printing of offers and catalogue production.

Multiple bids at once – with multibrand library

Features Drag&Drop object.

Would you like to prepare more than one offer at the same time? Maybe using one or more items from different offers? You can do it by using drag&drop.

And many more features

Performance, innovation, reilability.

Many Drawnings

for the same offer

Would you like to work with several drawings opened for a single offer? Now you can do it.

Synchronized Cad&Offer

One framework two channel

Would you like to have an offer and CAD always synchronized? To be able to switch at any moment from one to the other and always find a synchronized situation between an offer and CAD and vice versa? And then be able to continue planning using the offer or CAD indifferently? iQuote always synchronizes the offer and the drawings. Any changes are synchronised directly without intermediate steps.

Tracking & history of changes

Keep history of all change, divided by person and time. Checkin & Checkout features

Would you like to recover an old offer, even if it has not been revised? In iQuote the checkin-checkout functions allow you to recover old offers even if they haven’t been revised. Every change is stored further to consultation.

Management & Change Rights

Customize permission: read, modify & use

Would you like some designers to have access to only certain designs/offers, while others can access more With iQuote it is possible to manage users’ rights, even at workgroup level.


Autodesk Original

Of course you expect to use the best CAD tools on the market… In iQuote the CAD engine is the original Autodesk AutoCAD, the best known and used worldwide powerful 2D/3D CAD.


Bim Compliant

iQuote has been developed with the future development of CAD systems in mind, BIM. iQuote is ready for this challenge.


Multiplatform & Multidevice

Would you like to read your offer on your tablet? In iQuote this is possible.


For any and all questions concering a project or any inquiery, please just drop us an email.

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Apice Consulting is a company made up of professionals with years of experience in developing and supporting software, especially CAD software and Autodesk products. Apice Consulting is also an ADN member (Autodesk Developer Network) and integrates AutoCAD OEM and Revit programs with its software. Among our best known products is iQuote Pro, the famous software for foodservice plants designs and quotations.